SINCE 1976

Consistently Available, Delivered Fast, Competitively Priced

Hydrochloric Acid, Caustic Soda, Bleach, and Petrochemicals Where and When You Need Them

Dependable Delivery Through
Consistent Fleet and Warehousing Assets

To do this right, you have to be a little controlling.

We know you need us to be on time and we won’t let you down. We own and maintain most of our delivery fleet directly and we employ the best team in the industry. With over 100 company-owned trailers in our fleet and 4 distribution terminals, we maintain consistency by providing quality products and a customer first mentality.

If You’re Near Us
We’ve Got You Covered

Local Dispatch 24/7/365.
No Call Centers Here. Local Dispatch Team Will Answer Your Call.

    • Odessa Terminal
    • San Antonio Terminal
    • Greeley Terminal
  • OHIO
    • Dover Terminal

Getting The Job Done Safely and On Time

Better Safety and Better Service –
a Simple Formula that Works

  • Safety First and Throughout
  • Ownership of the Task
  • Commitment to Solving The Problem
  • Responsibility to Each Other
  • Quality Work Makes Happy Customers Makes Happy Us
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