About Tarquin-Coolpro

Tarquin-Coolpro LLC of Odessa, TX is a leader in the Chlor Alkali distribution market.

At Tarquin-Coolpro LLC, we supply Hydrochloric Acid, Caustic Soda, and Sodium Hypchlorite (bleach) to customers across the nation. With support from our valued producer partners, Tarquin-Coolpro LLC bridges the gap between customer needs and reliable supply.

Our Vision

At Tarquin-Coolpro LLC, successor of Tarquin Corporation, our roots go back to 1976 in the petrochemical industry.

We have over 5 decades experience in the chlor alkali and petrochemical markets. As our industry becomes more global and seemingly more volatile, our experience helps us keep pace with products and services that are ever evolving. At Tarquin, we not only concentrate on selling quality products, we also place a high priority on understanding and meeting the individual needs of each of our customers. We don’t want to be just another supplier – we want to be a partner.

Our Mission

At Tarquin-Coolpro LLC, we are committed to providing the highest quality products, delivered with superior customer service, at competitive prices.

Supply Network

Tarquin-Coolpro is never too far away from our customers, with a supply network of producers in Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, Kansas, Ohio, West Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, California, and Kentucky.

Our customer’s business is supported out of those production facilities as well as 4 Tarquin truck terminals in Odessa, TX, San Antonio, TX, Greeley, CO, and Cleveland, OH.

Value – Added Services

As one of the many suppliers of chemicals, we must constantly strive to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Beyond our quality products, we provide excellent customer service, including 24/7 dispatch, in-house logistics, and start-to-finish management of our customers’ chemical needs. At Tarquin-Coolpro, we concentrate on key producers, search for inefficiencies in the supply chain, and tailor-make a solution that provides a cost-effective and stress-free partnership.

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