Hydrochloric Acid (HCL)

Tarquin Acid LLC is a leading distributor of Hydrochloric Acid in both oilfield and industrial markets. The combination of reliable burner grade HCL supply and customer-focused service is the backbone of our business. Our goal is to deliver every order safely and on time.

Tarquin Acid LLC services its customers with company owned trucks and over 100 company owned HCL trailers out of our 4 facilities distribution facilities. All drivers are employed or contracted by Tarquin and trained to service every operator in the oilfield.

Industries Served

  • Oil and Gas
  • Water Treatment (NSF Certified acid)
  • Industrial

HCL Services Offered

  • Delivery of 36% HCL (22 baume) to industrial plants, customer facilities and field operations in the 4 major oil and gas basins of North America.
  • Delivery of diluted HCL, including but not limited to, 7.5%, 15%, 20%, 28%, and 32%.
  • HCL blending with inhibitor packages for oil and gas applications
  • Customer Pick Up (CPU) at all facilities
  • Ability to provide Tarquin owned trailers as temporary on-site storage
  • Rail shipments to customer rail terminals
  • NSF Certified HCL for water treatment and other sensitive applications

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    • Odessa Terminal
    • San Antonio Terminal
    • Greeley Terminal
  • OHIO
    • Dover Terminal
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